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Our Top 9 Back To School Must Haves

by Briana Greer |

It’s that time of year again!

Back to school season has arrived and we've rounded up 9 items from some of our favorite brands and around the web to give you some ideas to keep it cute and organized as you gear up for back to school.

1.MacBook case

Marble Macbook Case |
We know you have a laptop... because 2017, so  1. You need to protect it, and 2. You’ll want it to stand out from your classmates. Can you imagine picking up someone else’s MacBook and not realizing until you got home? Awkward! Or maybe romantic…
Either way, we love this Marble option from our collection (naturally) Find it HERE.


2. Keyboard cover

Gold Keyboard Cover |
Those early morning classes after a night of flip cup are ROUGH! (if you're of legal drinking age of COURSE) You’ll NEED your cup of coffee. And a silicone keyboard cover is the perfect way to protect your keys from any accidental spills. The ones from our collection are washable and super thin so it doesn't effect your you when typing.
Find them in multiple colors HERE


3. Planner

Planner recommendation from the Blog
I’m SURE you’ve got all the apps you need to keep you organized, on schedule, and ready to kill it on a daily!  But still, nothing quite beats planning out your week on some old school paper in a super cute planner. We love these from


4. Apps

Google Calendar App | Blog

Speaking of apps there are a GAZILLION to choose from, but we like to keep it simple, and can't get through our day without good ol' Google. The Google Calendar App is our go-to. It's simple, user friendly, available on your desktop or phone, syncs to your email, has a reminder feature, task feature, and just makes life super easy. AND... its FREE! #NoBrainer 


5. Backpack

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag recommendation | Freshly Picked Diaper Bag | Blog
Okay, so this is actually a DIAPER BAG! (yea... we know)  But its super cute, made with vegan leather, comes in 4 different colors, and the best part- its got pockets galore which is all we really need in a backpack. Launched on Kickstarter by one of our favorite brands to watch, Freshly Pickedthis bag is available for pre-order now. 


6. Laptop Sleeve

Matte Gold Laptop Sleeve from
Your laptop can take quite a beating when being lugged around everywhere. Slip it into a cute sleeve to keep it protected. Our Matte Gold Laptop Sleeve is lined with a super soft velvet interior, has an easy magnetic button closure, and leaves just enough room for a notebook, a pen, and your phone. Everything you need when racing out the door to make it to class on time. You can find it HERE. 


7. Notebooks / Binder

Customizable Binder | Blog
For all those lovely syllabuses and that fun paperwork! YAY! School. We found these cute customizable ones from Zazzle


8. Pens

Rose Gold Pens From Etsy | Blog Chrome Pens From Etsy | Blog
For obvious reasons! These are super cute from Etsy. 


9. Pencil Pouch

Pencil Pouch From Etsy | Blog
Your pencils and pens need a place to live. So does your lipgloss, portable phone charger, USB Drive, and whatever else we know will find its way in there. We don’t judge, but give them a cute home.  We think this one we just discovered on Etsy is the cutest! Find it HERE.


Honestly, we could go on and on about all the cute back to school items that are flooding the internet but we hope this gives you a head start! If you're in college and want to know how to earn free product or CASH MONEY email us at to find out about our referral program. 
Don't forget to share, like, pin, and all that fun stuff. We love and appreciate you for it! 

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