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by Briana Greer •

EMBRIxFELICIA iphone case Macbook case


We've partnered with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Self-Care Advocate Felicia La Tour to bring you an empowered message that we hope will be inspiration and a constant reminder for you to choose YOU. The "INVEST IN YOURSELF" message is available as an iPhone case and MacBook case. View the look book and see what Felicia has to say about what Investing in yourself means to her and what it can mean for you.   EMBRI: What does "Invest in Yourself" mean to you?FELICIA: I believe the over arching idea of " invest in yourself " means to simply love yourself.  Give back to yourself within your health, mind, body, career. Giving yourself permission to be free and vulnerable.               EMBRI: How do you plan on investing in yourself this year? FELICIA: I plan on investing in myself this year by only doing things that make me happy. No longer compromising my happiness for others, but truly honoring my emotions and intuition so that I live the best life I can possibly live. EMBRI: What advice would you give to someone who is deciding to invest in themselves for 2018 or trying to decide HOW to invest in themselves? FELICIA: The advice I can give to anyone looking to invest in themselves is to look within. So often we seek outside of ourselves for answers but from my personal experience, I've come to learn its all inside. LOVE yourself, challenge yourself to grow, uncover heartache and don't be afraid to face the things you might dislike about yourself. You never know where in your life things were planted that may be affecting you now on a mental / emotional level. Do more of what makes you happy. I always recommend prayer 1st, talk to friends 2nd. God always has our back and will guide us to our dreams and deepest desires as long as we simply ASK!  With Love from Felicia La Tour and The EMBRI Team Happy New Year!